my services


Whether you want a self-guided online course, a personalised recording or a 12-week one-to-one programme, there’s something to suit you.

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What do I treat?

I work differently to a regular hypnotherapist; I do not treat individual issues such as smoking or phobias. Instead, I work with you holistically, taking many areas of your life into account.

The main areas I work with are:

  • Female health - with a special interest in premenstrual issues such as PMDD/severe PMS and menopause management
  • Clarity & decision making/life's 'crossroads'
  • Anxiety & fears
  • Brain fog and memory
  • Confidence & self-esteem
  • Career changes & business goals
  • Relationships
  • Big life changes
  • Stress management
  • Prevention & managing burnout
  • Building a healthy relationship with alcohol
  • Sleep issues