Frequently asked questions 


Here are answers to questions I am often asked by clients which gets updated frequently. If you can’t find the answer here, you can contact me below 



I just want to treat one issue such as smoking, weight loss, or a phobia etc like regular hypnotherapists offer. Do you treat these things? 

Hypnotherapy is used in all of my sessions, even if just for clarity, relaxation or stress relief, but more often than not it is a big part of the treatment plans and is an extremely powerful tool. 

The work I do in my sessions is holistic & integrative and tailored to each individual. I use various methods depending on the treatment plan but my main focus is women’s hormonal health, stress management, emotional health, mindset management & personal growth.

Most things interconnect and I treat you as a whole person, not just the individual symptoms. However, if a client presents with issues that are related to what I offer and they want to integrate that within their treatment plan, this is of course an option.

It usually takes 3-6 sessions of hypnotherapy to treat one issue such as nail biting or a phobia etc and therefore am unable to offer this under my normal packages.

Are you qualified? 

Yes, I am fully qualified and insured to practice.

I have a Practitioner Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy & I am a Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner. I am also a member of The National Hypnotherapy Society, General Hypnotherapy Register, the Association for NLP & the Complimentary & Natural Healthcare Council.

Why do you only treat women?

Simply, I resonate with women more and my interests lie in offering a transformational experience to women who I can commit 100% support, attention & experience. Although I am a fully qualified professional and certified in what I do, a lot of my work is based on my own life experience, using proven methods that have worked for me to get me where I am today. Male & female brains work differently

What makes you different?

I don’t work like regular hypnotherapists who offer various different treatment plans and instead integrate hypnotherapy, NLP and other various therapeutic & coaching tools to provide a more integrative and holistic service.

Together with my training, I also draw on various experiences throughout my life and use the tools I’ve used myself to get where I am now, which is very different from the highly strung & stressed person I once was dealing with various burnouts and constantly chasing my tail through life traumas, health issues & challenges. Life’s rollercoaster still exists, they always will, but I deal with it very differently now.

How long do the sessions last?

The shortest initial session is 3 hours, after this the sessions can range from 30 minutes onwards depending on your needs and package you’ve chosen.

Can I just book in for an hour?

If you’re a returning client, you can book add on time in 30 min increments here. 

For new clients, the minimum session is three hours (Clarity & Calm 101 package). After this, you are able to book add on sessions as a returning client.

The work we do is immersive and designed for long lasting, sustainable change. Unfortunately, an hour here and there just isn’t enough.

Can my whole package be done completely online do does it have to be done face to face? 

Absolutely! This really boils down to your location, time and preferences. Some are unable to attend face to face sessions due to time and other commitments or maybe they live too far away. Others prefer doing it face to face and have the ability to do so. Whatever your situation, the sessions will be just as valuable either way.

Why do I have to do ‘homework’? I just want you to fix me and move on!

I only work with women who are serious about taking healthy control over their own lives, understanding that this is a journey and not a destination. Growth doesn’t happen over-night; it takes practice, consideration, rabbit holes and a lot of self-love & forgiveness.

Together, we get you to a point where you drop toxicity from your life as you build stronger, healthier thought patterns, habits, boundaries, coping mechanisms & behaviours. To do that, ‘homework’ is inevitable. It isn’t always of the written kind as you may expect, in fact a lot of homework is done in your head while going about your daily life. It won’t be long until these new processes become the norm, you won’t even think about it anymore and they will no longer be ‘work’ for you!

It’s important to note I don’t ‘fix’ anybody, I facilitate a supportive space for change and provide an array of (constantly developing) tools. It’s actually you doing all the work and it’s not something that ever stops, it just evolves.  Change takes time, acceptance & responsibility to own your health & mind

P.S no one needs fixing, we need ongoing maintenance and sometimes get stuck so need a helping hand to get moving and then learn how to move yourself when you inevitably get a bit stuck again. Like exercising or drinking enough water, developing ourselves, thoughts and behaviours is just as important for a balanced life and gives you the ability to face stresses when they occur. 

What can I expect in a session?

We start all our sessions with some relaxation & clarity hypnosis. This enables you to let go of all the stresses, tension & nerves you may arrive to the session with. By doing this at the beginning, it enables your brain to focus on the session and let go of any outside stresses while you work on the most important thing – yourself!

If it’s your first session, we will then carry out the consultation. This is where we work out what you want and expect from the session and treatment plan as a whole. You will have already filled in your health questionnaire & confidentiality forms prior to the session so no time is wasted with admin.

What happens after that completely depends on you and your circumstances. We will work on you as an individual.

We will usually finish the session with hypnotherapy to solidify what you’ve learned and to ensure you leave relaxed with a new sense of clarity and a plan of action.

What can I gain from working with you?

Many of my clients come to me overwhelmed, not knowing where to turn or what path to follow. Some come to cope with hormonal disorders & symptoms, they want to learn coping strategies and train their mind how to deal with these often-debilitating symptoms. Many are at a crossroads in their career and are either considering a promotion, a complete change or start a business and they want the clarity & confidence to move forward. Others have had big life changes such as births, deaths, marriages or divorce and need to clear blockages, learn new coping strategies, new behaviours and mindset management to work out their next steps for the best outcome . Others come because they feel lost or hopeless, knowing there is something better out there but they’re stuck in a rut and can’t see the end of the tunnel. Whatever it is, not only will your current situation improve dramatically but you learn tools to take forward so things will get easier to deal with, even when life does shoot you in the foot.

Because my sessions are immersive, the subconscious is able to be trained and neuro pathways can be changed or built more intensively. It gives us the time and space to really work through your situation on a deeper level and gives you more to work with in between sessions so you can make long lasting sustainable change much more quickly

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