There is nothing quite like loving yourself enough to give yourself the ultimate gift of meaningful change & growth



The way I work is simple: immersive, integrative & interactive. 

I only work with people on a one to one basis who are really committed to doing the inner work and making the real, meaningful changes in their life and get rid of emotional blocks, limiting beliefs and detrimental behaviours holding them back. This means that the work we do in the consulting room together is only the half of it, and with my guidance the rest comes from you.

Unlike many other coaches, hypnotherapists & practitioners I do not offer any sessions less than 3 hours except to ongoing clients as part of a package or top-up hours.

I found when I was only offering 60 or 90 minute sessions in the first instance, it wasn’t enough time to really dig deep and learn the tools for long lasting change. People are complex, they’re unique. Work like this isn’t to be rushed and is an ongoing process. That said, the tools you learn and tweaks you make can start working instantly but once those are mastered and things are changing for the better, you’ll pining for more!

I currently see my private clients in Crystal Palace (London) & online through Skype or Zoom. I will soon be adding treatment rooms in St Leonard’s on Sea & Brighton, East Sussex.

I offer three main packages with add-on options for ongoing clients



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