Clarity & Calm 101 


Take the first step on your journey to take control of your mind to work for you, not against you



.This immersive three hour session allows you to delve deep to uncover your limiting beliefs and release whatever has been holding you back. Only by really knowing yourself, your triggers, desires and your thoughts can you truly align with your goals & desires to enable you to move forward and thrive. You will be taught a range of tools to use in daily life including self hypnosis and NLP practices, get clarity on your own needs and leave with an action plan you can start implementing immediately. Learn healthier stress responses no matter what life throws at you and learn how to make incremental habit changes, one day at a time. This is designed as a valuable & stable starting point to get you on your journey of self discovery & meaningful growth.

Every session is tailor made for the client’s needs and no session is the same. As we progress through, things may come up we least expected so we go with the flow and the session is shaped purely by your needs at that time.

Within a month of your session, we will have a 30 min check-in call to see how you’re getting on and answer any questions you may have.

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