big love, big life 


There is nothing like immersing yourself in this transformational programme to show true love & commitment to yourself and the life you want to build



You are worth it, you know it, and so you should!  This is the ultimate package that includes 1 x three-hour session, 1 x two-hour session and 3 x 30 min Skype or telephone follow up sessions plus email support & accountability for 6 weeks. As well as covering everything in Clarity & Calm 101, we will also cover various other areas of your life as well as work on specific goals and changes you wish to make. This package is more immersive and there is more time to really get to grips with letting go of the baggage you don’t need and making room for what you really want in life, with the added support while you start to implement your new habits. You also get a self-care goody bag including Neals Yard Remedies™ products and other life tools to help you on your journey.

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