Who am I?

I am a fully qualified and insured Clinical Hypnotherapist, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner & Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Consultant.

I’ve been a ‘people-watcher’ since I was a tiny child. I have always been intrigued by the way humans think & behave. What makes us all so unique yet all so similar? A vast question with multiple answers, and that’s what makes us fascinating.

As a semi-only child (I have much older siblings), being raised by a very creative & sociable single mother, I was taken to all sorts of places – gatherings, mother’s meetings with friends, even the university library while she studied for her MA. The textile workshops she ran with refugee women, cultural sites, even the everyday places like the supermarket. Wherever it was, I was always around people, all sorts of different people. Young, old, straight-laced, wacky, depressed, happy – you name it, I met them. I unknowingly studied these people in my little head for years; it was just normal to be interested in people and work out what makes them tick.

By my early teenage years, I was becoming the ‘go-to’ person for advice or just to listen. Not only my peers but many adults in my family & beyond, these same people still come to me today!

I have dealt with a lot in my life, and unfortunately, these traumas & situations cannot be counted on one hand, or even two. They have, however, given me a raw understanding of the depths & complications these experiences can bring and how they can shape one’s life. Many of these experiences I wouldn’t wish upon anyone, but this is all part of my story and how I got here today. I make a much better practitioner, friend, and all-round human for it. For more details, visit radintervent.org.

Of course, that is no basis to treat people in a professional capacity. I decided to combine my life experience, get qualified & help many more women on a much broader scale.

I have recently moved from South London down to the Sussex coast for a calmer, more mindful life with my lovely husband & two lady cats, Tallulah & Twiggy. We have built a garden therapy room overlooking a field of reeds and will soon be offering day retreats.

My Values


To my clients, my family, my friends, the strangers I meet, the strangers I don’t meet, and, most importantly, myself. I commit to being kind, being honest & being myself. I commit to always strive for more for everyone. I commit to always being open-minded & never to judge. To learning, loving, and growing. I commit to giving it my best shot.


Life is colourful. People do funny things. They also do magnificent things, and terrible things. Nothing is black and white, everything has context, and no two situations are ever the same. I understand that everyone is unique, and with more understanding and an open heart, I believe we can flourish together.


If you learned a lesson, it is never a failure. If we keep learning, however big or small, we grow and flourish. When we know ourselves inside out and take responsibility for ourselves, thoughts, and behaviours, we can develop, learn & grow to reach our highest potential. Fulfillment in all areas of our lives creates authentic happiness & we can only get that when we are true to ourselves and those around us.

Want to work with me?

My Approach

I’ve tried various methods with my clients, and myself, and one thing that consistently works is an immersive and integrative treatment plan.
We are stubborn & complex creatures; we strive to survive before we thrive, which can become a never-ending cycle. Our comfort zone is just that, but it doesn’t hold our zone of genius. If you’re happy there, that’s fine, but I help women who know there is more, the kind of woman who strives to thrive.

A bit like an onion, the mind has numerous layers, and they’re not always easy to peel. Doing this inner work is constant; it’s a journey with multiple destinations along the way, but it never ends. It just becomes a new normal. You won’t regret taking that first step, that’s for sure!

I help you help yourself. Be the best you.

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