Helping women uncover their true selves, gain clarity on their needs, desires & goals and take back control of their mindset & emotions to forge a solid path to a deeper, happier & more meaningful life

I believe the quality of our mindset dictates the quality of our lives. How we feel, think, and perceive makes all the difference in our overall happiness, regardless of external circumstances. How we respond to these circumstances makes all the difference to our overall experience.

Mindset and emotions go hand in hand; they drive each other, and they can work together to create something beautiful or be utterly destructive. This affects the quality of our life experience in the present and can shape our future, too. By embracing our emotions and understanding our thought patterns & responses more deeply, we can consciously nurture our minds to form healthier habits and shape our futures to be more aligned with our true needs and desires.

I am a Mindset & Emotional Health Practitioner working with women on various areas of their lives. Using various professional, therapeutic, coaching & holistic tools, I offer integrative & immersive treatment plans to suit each group or individual. I am a fully qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner & Emotional Intelligence Consultant with a specialist interest in PMDD & hormonal issues.  

All you want is clarity, healthy control over your responses, behaviours & thoughts, and to learn a calmer way of living, no matter what life throws at you. You want depth, fulfillment & growth. Maybe you don’t have the confidence to do ‘that thing,’ and it’s time to take the leap. Perhaps you have unrealistic expectations of yourself or those around you and want to manage them. Maybe you chase your tail, live in survival mode, and are on the brink of burnout. Or do your hormones have a detrimental effect on your mental & physical health, and you want to learn to navigate that? Whatever it is, deep down, you know that something needs to change, and the time has come to concentrate on YOU. 

Working together, we look at various areas of your life as a whole and delve deep to discover the real you to make meaningful change aligned with your journey. My role is to facilitate a safe, inspiring & productive space for you to grow & develop. Whether you want to work on your career, relationships, health, or multiple things, together, we find what works for you. My sessions are immersive, engaging & integrative, combining my professional training, experience, and various therapeutic & coaching skills. I offer unique treatment plans tailored specifically to you. I offer one-to-one sessions, group workshops & online training. The quality of your mindset dictates the quality of your life, learn how to utilise it!