Helping women uncover their true selves, gain clarity on their needs, desires & goals and take back control of their mindset & emotions to forge a solid path to a deeper, happier & more meaningful life

I believe the quality of our mindset dictates the quality of our lives. How we choose to feel, think, and perceive makes all the difference in our overall happiness, regardless of external circumstances.

How we choose to respond and deal with any given situation internally affects what happens externally, and this paves the way for what happens next. Like a domino effect, every (re)action, thought, and emotion affects the quality of your life.

I am a fully qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner & Emotional Intelligence Consultant with a specialist interest in women’s hormonal health, mindset management & emotional health. I offer online programmes, group mentorships, and one to one deep dives into one or more areas of your life.

Are you a strong-minded, passionate & determined woman who is hungry for more? Do you want authentic happiness built on solid, organic foundations? Perhaps you want the tools to navigate what life can inevitably throw at you, or maybe you want to take back control of your thoughts, emotions & behaviours.  Together, we dig deep to uncover what has been holding you back, clear the blocks, and pave the way for the new. 

Looking at various areas of your life as a whole, together we delve deep to get to know the real you and make the changes that matter. My sessions are immersive, engaging & integrative. Combining my training, experience and various therapeutic & coaching skills, I offer unique treatment plans tailored specifically to you. I offer one-to-one, group workshops & online training. I help you help yourself. Be the best you.